May 25th Bellingham Codes: Particle & Things
6:00pm at Boundary Bay Brewery's Beer Garden

Want a Relay Shield? Want assistance at the event?

A little information will go a long way to make this event as successful as can be! (Remember: A device isn't required. We just don't want to leave anybody out.)
What is your Bellingham Codes Slack handle? *

If you don't know or don't have one, email is fine.
What device(s) are you planning on bringing? *

How comfortable are you with programming? *

Would you like a Relay Shield from Particle?

This is only relevant if you're bringing a Particle Photon. Otherwise, you can skip this question.

To use the shield, you will need a separate power supply. This is the one recommended by Particle:
Anything else we should know?

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